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Emergency Response
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Citizenhelpline CashPassport Nig Ltd
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OVERVIEW: Helpline Project was established to offer value-added services, especially for students, artisans, and faith-based organizations through cross-functional and mutually complementing sister subsidiaries. Helpline provides services on Emergency Response Management (ERM); Intelligence Gathering and sharing; Government to Citizens (G2C) Services, Community Policing, Management Services, Agency Banking, and Citizens Social Safety Nets (CSSN).

GOALS: Citizenhelpline's primary goal is to create an online presence, increase the total number of online consultations by increasing website traffic and providing seamless interaction with clients. We remain committed to our core value statement: CONNECT, RESPOND and SUPPORT.

CHALLENGES: Building a brand that would appeal to potential customers is difficult at first without developing a personality and understanding who your target audience is. Developing a persona that is accessible, compatible, and usable.

STRATEGIES: We needed to find the right audience and position Citizenhelpline as the rite of passage.

RESULT: While we started with a fairly broad focus, we were able to come up with new concepts to increase brand awareness and positively associate with the brand name. We have not only achieved this through our innovative concepts but have been able to leverage them across channels. Most importantly, we make sure to convey the message to potential customers.

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