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Cherish Nigeria Development Foundation (CNDF)

Awesome NGO website that promotes the activities of the organization.

OVERVIEW: Cherish Nigeria Development Foundation (CNDF) is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization wholly dedicated to selfless services to humanity with a focus on Northern Nigeria. Established in 2005.

GOALS: The goal of the project was to create a brand that portrays the story of the foundation and also aims to create autonomy and self-confidence among the supported communities and groups.

CHALLENGES: Developing a persona: - building a brand that would appeal to potential customers is difficult at first without developing a personality and understanding who your target audience is.

STRATEGIES: Brand Identity Development: Our team implemented a long-term strategy related to developing the CNDF brand image and appealing to the right target audience.
Website Design and development: We rolled up our sleeves and pushed our creative limits. We used the latest mobile and web technologies to create CNDF, a website that can integrate seamlessly across multiple platforms.
Google Search engine optimization: The website's speed, content, and images are fully optimized, giving the project a great chance to appear on the first page of Google search results. 

RESULT: While we started with a fairly broad focus, we were able to come up with new concepts to increase brand awareness and positively associate with the brand name. We have not only achieved this through our innovative concepts but have been able to leverage them across channels. Most importantly, we make sure CNDF recognizes that its project must stand out clearly as replicable models with a high potential for replication in other parts of Northern Nigeria and beyond.

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Design and Develop a website for the organization
Cherish Nigeria Development Foundation (CNDF)
₦200k - ₦500k