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Temmy’s Care

Build Portfolio with Beautiful & Stunning Showcase Layout!

OVERVIEW: Temmy's Care is a fully mobile, new, and trendy upscale day spa focusing on providing high quality, full-service beauty care. Our products and service lines fit nicely with the prevailing tastes and preferences of a modern African woman. Let us worry about making you look beautiful, we know how to do it best.

GOALS: The goal of the project was to increase the total number of online consultations by increasing website traffic and enabling seamless interaction with customers.

CHALLENGES: Developing a persona: - building a brand that would appeal to potential customers is difficult at first without developing a personality and understanding who your target audience is.

STRATEGIES: Brand Identity Development: Our team implemented a long-term strategy related to developing the CNDF brand image and appealing to the right target audience.

RESULT: As a result of our efforts and new initiatives, we have been able to increase website traffic and increase online consultation by over 70%.

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Design and Develop a website for the organization
Temmy’s Care Day Spa
₦150k - ₦300k